Funeral of Lena Woodmass (LIVE)

The live feed will begin at 1:00pm with a playlist curated by Lena’s daughter Annika, and a photo slide show.  The service will begin at 2:00pm Central Time (UTC-06:00).


Lena Woodmass (nee Harder), 31, of Steinbach, MB, passed away peacefully following a year-long struggle with cancer on Wednesday, March 1, 2017 at home. Continue reading


Goodbye, My Love

My beautiful wife Lena passed away peacefully in our home today.  Thank you Lena for nine years of authenticity and love, four incredible little girls, and your unwavering faith.  We truly didn’t deserve you.  Goodbye, my love.

Quick Update

Dear friends,

Lena had the pleurX catheter placed in her left lung in the middle of January, but things did not turn out as planned. The catheter was well placed, but complications developed quickly and kept her admitted from that Tuesday until Saturday. That first night was extremely rough, with a large pneumothorax and signs of pulmonary edema causing her heart rate to spike to 200 at times and 02 saturation to be very low. It was a heavy price to pay for being able to drain fluid from around the lung at home. We haven’t had to return to the ER since for thoracentesis, and for that we are grateful.

Unfortunately the situation has now worsened. Continue reading